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NFSUK reviews Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (PS3)

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NFSUK said...

Although not the eye candy those HD video-piles crave in their content, the Dev team clearly got their point out to convey a living battlefield on a remote island near NW Asia. There is a functional day / night cycle throughout missions (if you take too long, LOL); there are terrain effects and minor destructible environments. Not on the scale of Red Faction or Battlefield: BC, but it gets the job done. Likewise, is the notion of many people claiming last GEN graphics, this game is leagues better than something on the Wii...food for thought!!
The amount of control you have over squad functions are impressive, (many people claim this game impossible to play), however, if most pay attention to the Tactical Map and fiddle with the commands on easier stages you will see and control a competent squad as opposed to ONLINE interactions (More on that later). Moreover, the controls DO get stunted from time to time and vehicle movement in third person is a smidgen off BUT, the vehicle combat is smoother than what is currently out there...shame on you battlefield or Unreal Tournament!! Controls for the respective vehicles offer tweaks that affect more precise manoeuvres when it comes to the jeeps and Helicopter support!! Player movement is realistic and takes getting used to , but if there is an MGO / SOCOM community that puts up with those games so will this!!

Although my opinion, on this site it fuel for the fire! The game plays a hell of a lot better than MGO or SOCOM has ever been executed without post release patches...that is saying allot these days as developer rush a product to market only to "milk" patches as DLC...shame on the majority out there that do it...Much like the Military...you do it right the first time or as little SNAFUS as possible. Veterans and Tactical fans out there are much appreciated as communication, tactical bounding, as well as the weapon layout is authentic and should make any one yell, "Semper Fi", as the main hand of the MARINE arsenal is proudly advertised as you accomplish missions that "DO NOT" I repeat do not hold your hand. Many people argue that the missions are not free roaming.....they are right to a extent if you consider death behind your back as you walk away from a mission. Same can be said for a soldier to reconsider an important intel facet in the heat of battle. This is where the game shines, as much like life, we do not a guardian angel to help us. Especially when a fire mission asks of your timing and attention to terrain layout. This game pats you on your back but hands you more missions as the battle rages on. You can even complete the primary objectives without the secondary...but much is left out to mission variety and or weapon choices that aid you in the current scenario. Like a REAL military engagement you work with what you got and "MAKE IT HAPPEN". Checkpoints are there for the weak, LOL, but you can re-spawn downed allies "if " you make it to the next checkpoint. However, jump the gun too much and you could reload yourself to an unexpected situation. That being said, the flow of the game allows for creativity, but like real life, we have to take advantage of those small windows of opportunity to really measure ourselves at the end of the day!!

All weapons featured are reproduced faithfully and with tweak of the options you can change music, ambience, sound effects as well as the overall "MASTER" volume....a BIG plus for those who can appreciate this game on a good Surround set-up. Although not a sound metric the vibration function is SPOT on as the jolt of an M-16 "feels" like it should as well as the sound from the actual rumble makes engaging targets alot more enjoyable.......SNIPER fans will not be disappointed the RIP of a .50 cal Barrett round rips and vibrates your hand more so than any affair on COD MW or WaW has done. (not mentioning Halo since that is fantasy type shooter..... : [ sorry!!). Explosions, vehicle effects will send a soldier's ripple down their spines as it is all too familiar this day and age!!

What do you expect? This a military shooter, although the opening montage of how the battle is brought about is as a spectacular as an ESPN series recap...the game "drops" you to the world of a GRUNT.....missions are handled from the TOP, DOWN and , "yes...Private Ryan...gripes do go down the chain, not UP" As the missions progress the tensions run high as the enemy is a "REAL" threat and not to be taken lightly as enemies can seemingly spawn to take you down after an intense fire fight. As mundane as it seems some missions are a hat tip to films like Blackhawk Down, and Saving Private Ryan. There is much more a feeling of intensity depending on your play style and where your last checkpoint left you. Overall, the main story does not get into the many stories that are posted on this site!!! (BIG plus IMO)

AS much as players disagree this game is a "sleeper" hit amongst TPS fans and the weak shall be separated to easier experiences

Game Traits applied to Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (PS3) by NFSUK

  • The Setting:
    war simulator
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    General Morden
  • How it's Played:
    Open Environment
  • General Tone:
Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising (PS3)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 06/OCT/09
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